Top Ten Picks for Packets

Guidance for the Packet Seed Trade

Vegetable Seeds for packets are a top priority at Sakata Home Grown. We know your customers are looking for a wide selection of attractive, tasty, easy-to-grow vegetables. We’re on the lookout in trials every year to bring you the best.


Below are some of our favorite picks:

  • Hijinks Pumpkin: Hijinks won the coveted All-America Selections award, meaning it is well adapted for all regions of the US and Canada. Weighing in at 7-9 pounds, Hijinks is just the right size for all types of decorating. The handle is dark green and sturdy, fruit are smooth and deep orange and mature in about 100 days.
  • Sweet Favorite Watermelon: Another great AAS winner, Sweet Favorite is the perfect picnic-sized seeded watermelon, weighing 22-24 pounds. Flesh is rosy-pink, juicy and crisp. The exterior is light green with dark green bold stripes. Vining plants are easy to grow and productive.
  • Destiny Broccoli: Destiny has a compact plant habit making it a great fit for the home garden. Heads are medium green and smooth with nice quality and mature in 89 days from transplant. Best of all, Destiny performs well under higher temperatures making it easier to grow for gardeners.
  • Slice More Cucumber: Slice More is a great all around cucumber for the home garden. It is early and prolific, maturing in about 60 days. Fruit measure about 6 inches, have smooth, dark green skin, and mild flavor. The plants are hardy, easy to grow and have a good disease resistance package.
  • Olympic Express Cantaloupe: This garden athlete will leap off the racks. Fruit are early and super sweet with great texture and a small seed cavity, weigh in at 3-5 pounds, have a full net and thin rind. Plants are productive and have a good disease resistance package.
  • Jambalaya Okra: Jambalaya’s compact plant habit makes it a great fit for small garden spaces or containers. Plants are very early to mature, have small decorative leaves, and set very well. Pods are dark green, shiny and very uniform.
  • Prime Star Zucchini Squash: Prime Star is early (45 days) and super productive, setting loads of glossy green zucchini with light green flecks. Plants are open and easy to harvest and widely adapted to all parts of the US.
  • Tivoli Spaghetti Squash: Tivoli is special in many ways. It is the only spaghetti squash to win an AAS award; it has a space-saving bush-type plant, oval medium to large fruit, a smooth exterior, and a creamy yellow interior. Plants mature in 98 days. Check the Sakata Home Grown Catalog, page 35 for cooking recommendations.
  • Market Express Turnip: Your customers will be amazed at the speedy maturity and usefulness of Market Express turnip. Turnips may not be a normal garden favorite but this one will win hearts and taste buds over. Harvest baby sized turnips (the size of a radish) in about 28 days! The roots are smooth and pure white, mild and crunchy. Tops are smooth, bright green and tasty.
  • Sweet Gold Tomato: This garden darling will supply sweet cherry tomatoes all summer long. The indeterminate plants set clusters of fruit that mature about 60 days from transplant. The bright yellow fruit are flavorful and weigh about 10-15 grams each. Sweet Gold is an excellent companion plant for Sweet Million red cherry tomato.

We have more favorites, so be sure to contact us if you would like suggestions for specialty packet lines (theme gardens, nutrition, winter, ethnic, regional etc.) or replacement varieties. At Sakata Home Grown we strive to always have the photography, packaging, inventory and seed quality you need for your customers. Please call us if you have any questions or special requests.