Wild Card Plus (Hybrid)


This variety has an early and extended flowering period that ensures early pollen availability when the hybrid starts flowering. Long, thin internodes radially-extend pollen to wherever a female flower is located. Extended flowering period that goes well beyond the hybrid.

  • Small, explosive fruits allow for easy triploid harvest
  • Tiger-striped rind pattern
  • Excellent pollen quality for maximum yield
  • IR for both Fon 1 and Co 1
  • U.S. Patent Number 10,188,055

Disease Key

Co Anthracnose Colletotrichum orbiculare
Fon Fusarium wilt Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. niveum
Db Gummy stem blight Didymella bryoniae
ZYMV Zucchini yellow mosaic Zucchini yellow mosaic potyvirus

Resistance Terminology

HR = High resistance: plant varieties that highly restrict the growth and development of the specified pest or pathogen under normal pest or pathogen pressure when compared to susceptible varieties. These plant varieties may, however, exhibit some symptoms or damage under heavy pathogen or pest pressure.

IR = Intermediate resistance: plant varieties that restrict the growth and development of the specified pest or pathogen, but may exhibit a greater range of symptoms or damage compared to “highly resistant” varieties. Intermediately resistant plant varieties will still show less severe symptoms or damage than susceptible plant varieties when grown under similar environmental conditions and/or pathogen or pest pressure.

T = Tolerance: The ability of a plant variety to endure abiotic stress without serious consequences for growth, appearance and yield.