Shogun S10® (Hybrid)

Sweet Pepper

Shogun S10® is an extra-large variety with high yield potential. It is adapted to late fall, winter and spring in the southeast and summer production in the northeast where bacterial leaf spot is a concern. The fruit have very good size, are smooth and firm with a glossy dark green color maturing to red. Fruit tends to be slightly longer blocky shape. Shogun S10 has a strong vigorous plant with good cover and continuous setting ability. It has high resistance to Tm: 0 and intermediate resistance to TSWV and X spp: 0-10.

  • Strong plants with good cover
  • High yield potential with good size
  • HR: Tm: 0 \\ IR: TSWV / X spp: 0-10
  • Experimental# SPP2628 S10®