Routpower (Hybrid)


Routpower is an F1. hybrid squash (Cucurbita maxima x Cucurbita Moschata) used as a cucumber and watermelon rootstock. This rootstock has a high germination rate with quick and uniform emergence. Regardless of the grafting method, it provides excellent compatibility at a high rate of engraftment. Routpower has a strong root system in the field, providing high resistance to Fusarium wilt, and a stronger plant in stressed conditions, preserving the taste qualities of the fruit.

  • Interspecies hybrid Maxima Moschata rootstock for Watermelons, Melons, and Cucumbers.
  • It ensures healthy plants in adverse climatic conditions and high yield, preserving the taste qualities of the fruit.
  • Highly resistant to Fusarium on Watermelon FON 0, 1, 2; Cucumber FOC 0,1,2; and Melon FOM 0,1,2