Lemon Delite (Hybrid)

Sweet Pepper

Lemon Delite is a large-fruited snack pepper variety with very early to early maturity and hot set potential. It is adapted hot set slots or where there is an advantage to have very early maturity. The fruit have very good size, are smooth and firm with a glossy attractive yellow color at full maturity. Lemon Delite has a mid-strong vigorous plant with good cover and continuous setting ability. It has high resistance to Tm: 0 and X spp: 0-3, 7, 8.

  • Very early to early maturity
  • Very good hot setting ability
  • High yield potential with good size
  • Disease package, HR: Tm: 0 / X spp: 0-3, 7, 8
  • Experimental# XPP3041