The Next Big Thing

Beets are fast becoming the darling of the produce aisle, cooking channels, magazines and food blogs.  For years, Sakata has been quietly and thoughtfully improving the humble beet, preparing it for its time in the spotlight. And the time has finally come!

Market Trends and Evolution

Market trends and an increased consumer demand for beets have created a need for the beet to adapt from its traditional form and characteristics. Now, beets are desired in a range of colors and sizes and for an array of uses, like beet tops!


Touchstone Gold is the answer to the current consumer beet trends. This mature beet has a mild, sweet tasting, vibrant yellow flesh and golden, smooth, globe-shaped roots. It is mid to late maturing, with roots that have little to no zoning. Best of all, it is available in both organic and non-organic seed. Need a golden beet that beats the competition? Check out Touchstone Gold’s third-party sensory testing results against top competitor varieties.

Meet the Breeder

Get to know Sakata’s beet breeder: Laura Ann Diehl!