Gardeners Love SuperCal

11 dynamite colors to choose from

Known for unique colors and large flowers, SuperCal® is an ideal combination of Petunia and Calibrachoa traits. It is heat tolerant through the summer, pH tolerant, day length neutral and can be grown cool. The foliage is not sticky, so flowers drop easily from the plant as they age and plants hold up well in all kinds of weather.

SuperCal is ideal in baskets or containers and, because of its cold tolerance, can be used to extend how long you have fantastic color in your landscape as SuperCal blooms early and extends into Fall.

Petunia SuperCal Neon-Rose-Blue

How to Use SuperCal

Known for vibrant colors and superior outdoor performance, SuperCal® is equally good…


In Baskets


In Containers


In Beds

How to Care for SuperCal

Super Color. Super Easy™

Since SuperCal® has exceptional garden performance in all kinds of weather – from unexpected late frosts to rainy-wet cycles and it even stands up to summer heat so it is very easy to care for.

In Beds

  • Plant in full sun
  • Plant 10-14 inches apart in well-drained soil
  • Add a slow release fertilizer at planting time or use a liquid fertilizer according to label directions
  • Water when the soil dries out
  • If plants need shaped, cut stems back as needed

In Baskets & Containers

  • Plant in full sun
  • Use a liquid fertilizer according to label directions
  • Keep soil in the container or basket moist
  • If plants need shaped, cut back as needed