Over 100 Years of Experience...

At Sakata, we develop broccoli varieties that can thrive in virtually every region and across variable climates. Our hybrids are developed to meet growers’ specific needs with varieties that offer high heat tolerance and strong post-harvest color retention.

For many years, Sakata has maintained germplasm for the development of future varieties that are well adapted to varying weather conditions. At our Salinas, CA, Yuma, AZ and Fort Myers, FL Research Stations, we spend a great amount of time in R&D efforts throughout the year to develop and enhance our breeding programs to fulfill the growers’ needs.

By making full use of the climate and environmental conditions in various regions around the world, we are able to develop new varieties ideally suited to a wide range of environments. Our research facilities feature advanced equipment for top-level research and development, including biotechnology.

Commitment to the Broccoli Market

A trend in consumers leaning toward making purchases that are locally grown has been recognized by the broccoli industry. With the increase in shipping costs for all products alike, the dynamics of broccoli production have changed and growers throughout the nation are beginning to find they can be competitive and successful in growing this crop, to supply the local market.

Many years ago Sakata noticed a steady shift in consumer trends in regards to purchasing broccoli at both wholesale and retail outlets. Consumers wanted more “crown-cut” products (shorter stem, more floret) and short trim or “Asian cut” products (almost no stem; all floret). Although our program continues to breed for multi-use varieties including bunch, crown, fresh and frozen floret, we have concentrated considerable time and effort into the development of varieties that are more suited for the changing market. We continually develop new genetics that fit such shifts in consumer trends.

The NEW Era of Trusted Genetics

Meet Matt Linder

Matt Linder has managed the sales and development of Sakata broccoli for over 25 years! This produce vet has a wealth of knowledge that expands far beyond Sakata’s broccoli program.