A Melon with Star Qualities

Infinite Gold represents the next big thing in cantaloupes — where strong performance and long shelf life does not sacrifice great flavor and fruit quality. In fact, a third-party sensory analysis panel rated Infinite Gold higher in flavor and quality attributes than the leading competition!

In the 2016 study, samples for the sensory panel were held and evaluated at room temperature, and judges used a scorecard based on a 0 to 15 point sale. All panelists were highly trained on the point scale and its nuances.

Infinite Gold ranked highest due to its overall quality profile for most attributes, specifically for flavor, texture, and aroma. Infinite Gold was also rated highest for its physical characteristics such as Rind Color, Flesh Color, and External Color Balance.

For more information on Infinite Gold cantaloupe for the foodservice, retail and consumer sectors, please visit www.infinitecantaloupe.com.