About Us

Sakata is committed to providing a workplace free of any and all kinds of discrimination. We are an equal opportunity employer and strive to promote a culturally diverse workforce. Thanks to our global and multicultural business environment, individuals can meet and work with people from all over the world.

Job Description

Reporting to the Director of Corporate Services and working with Corporate Services, Facilities Management, Human Resources and site representatives from relevant departments or functions, the ideal candidate will coordinate all safety, health and security related training programs and activities on behalf of the company at locations throughout North America.  The ideal candidate will define and oversee the implementation and coordination of company safety policies and procedures, internal employee programs, including training (using a variety of training methods) while fulfilling the Sakata safety and security goals and objectives for all employees.  The activities will be carried out to the highest level of excellence and will assure compliance with local, state and federal agencies, by providing a secure and safe environment for all employees while preventing, reducing and/or eliminating workplace hazards, risks and threats from accidents and illness or other risks at all Sakata sites.


  • Coordinates company-wide safety and security programs. Responsible for preparation, management and maintenance of all safety and security policies, programs and procedures.
  • Maintains safety and security files. Compiles data and prepares reports for internal use and external groups such as OSHA, EEI, AGA, EPA, etc.
  • Coordinates safety and security training programs. Prepares materials and resources for the training programs.  Records and maintains safety and security training files.
  • Performs inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices. Provides guidance and assistance to supervisors and employees on needs for safety process improvement.  Investigates accidents and analyzes accident data to evaluate the effectiveness of accident prevention and loss control programs.
  • Monitors company building security, specifically security badges and traffic at employee entrances. Manages the issuance of employee and contingent staff security badges.
  • Stays abreast of company and government safety requirements and regulations. Recommends necessary changes to safety policies and/or processes, including safety rules, practices, training and personal protective equipment programs.
  • Drafts investigation and inspection reports, training guides and materials as necessary.
  • Coordinates the inspection of machinery, equipment and working conditions to insure compliance with occupational safety and health regulations. Observes workers to determine need for prescribed safety equipment.
  • Manages the inspection of buildings, facilities, fire prevention equipment, storage of materials, material handling equipment, etc. to insure compliance with mandatory regulations and insurance requirements.
  • Coordinates physical security requirements such as alarm systems, key control, after-hours records and visitors. Conducts security checks and prepares for and accompanies government inspectors during official inspections.
  • Assists with other activities as necessary to evaluate and reduce potential risks to employee safety and security.


  • Must have knowledge of safety principles and related government regulations
  • Must have experience as an instructor in hands-on training programs
  • Must have ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing
  • Must have proven word-processing and spreadsheet skills and have ability to accurately collect and compile information and data in a structured way
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with a diverse employee population


  • BA/BS in related subject required.


  • Minimum 5 years’ related work experience required.


  • Must be able to sit for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to work at a computer terminal for long periods of time.
  • Some travel may be required.

Send a Cover Letter and Resume to hr@sakata.com