Sierra Hartney


Ph.D. – Plant Pathology, Oregon State University
M.S. – Plant Pathology, Washington State University
B.S. – Biological Sciences, Central Washington University

Years of Service at Sakata: 2012 – Present

Pathology Roles: Breeder support, Production and Sales support, Seed pathology

What inspired you to be a plant pathologist?

I have always been close to nature and the outdoors.  Growing up in rural Eastern Washington and having parents who loved the outdoors and gardening, I developed an early appreciation for plants.  It was during my undergraduate microbiology studies that I realized that plants must get sick too. Being a Plant Pathologist allows me to explore my love of microorganisms and agriculture.

What is the best/your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy seeing the progression a vegetable variety takes, starting with disease screens to develop resistance to a key pathogen ending with the release of the variety with the resistance claim that will benefit the grower.

 What specifically do you like about Sakata Seed America?

Sakata is involved in all aspects of the vegetable seed it sells to provide its customers and employees with expert information at all stages of development.

Can you tell us something that not everyone knows about you?

I find etymology fascinating.  Looking into the origins of a word and what it means is a great puzzle.