Sakata Employees Help Restore Washington’s Oyster Dome Trail

Hard at work restoring Oyster Dome Trail

Sakata Seed America has a new internal commitee dedicated to aggrigating and organizing efforts to ‘team up’ and better the community around us. The commitee, rightfully known as TeamUP, recently organized an employee group volunteer opportunity at their Burlington location on July 22, 2015. Sakata employees were offered a paid 8-hour day for their volunteerism to assist in the clean up of Oyster Dome Trail, a challenging trail with breath-taking views and a local following.

Sakata employees came together for the day to restore Oyster Dome Trail, in collaboration with Washington Trails Association, an association dedicated to improving the health of people by providing them with the opportunity to access hiking trails throughout Washington State. Many of the trails in Washington state are in need of trail maintenance there is an ever-present need for members of the community to aid in trail restoration and upkeep. Ten employees participated in the volunteer opportunity and the event was a huge success. We look forward to continuing our efforts to better our community and world through the TeamUP commitee.