Sakata Continues its Commitment to Building Healthy Communities

Sakata Seed America is proud to announce its sponsorship of cyclist Ron Cramer in the first ever Tour de Fresh long-distance bike ride. 

Riders and members of the produce industry from around the country will join together in this event to raise the much needed funds to bring salad bars and healthy options to 40 schools across the United States.

The Tour de Fresh is a 4-day, 275 mile, cycling ride along the California coast that will benefit the United Fresh Foundation’s, Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign. The race will take place October 13-16, 2014, ending at the PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim. The goal of Tour de Fresh, and its participants, is to raise $120,000 to privately finance 40 new salad bars in school districts across the country and cyclist Cramer will be riding for Rosemead School District located in Los Angeles County.

“The chance to cycle the beautiful California coast, while at the same time helping to provide fresh vegetables and fruits to school children, was simply impossible to pass up,” said Ron Cramer, former Sakata employee and consultant.  “I am inspired to take this step forward and hope to also be able to have direct participation in Rosemead’s implementation of their salad bar.”

Sakata strives to have a positive, healthy and sustainable impact on people, communities and food.  The company seeks to assist in building sustainable communities by focusing its human and financial resources on nutrition, health and the environment. In relation, Sakata will be sponsoring and participating in the American Heart Association’s National Eating Healthy Day on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014.  On this day Americans are encouraged to commit to healthier eating.

“Our commitment to building healthier communities through events like this is extremely important to Sakata,, allowing us to help provide an empowering nutritional experience for those with limited access to fresh produce,” states Dave Armstrong, president and CEO of Sakata Seed America.

Why do we support salad bars in schools?

  • To increase consumption of nutritious fruits and vegetables
  • To help promote healthier children and shape healthy eating behaviors for life!
  • To make a difference in schools across the country

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