Sakata Pepper Program

Varieties you can count on!

Sakata offers a broad range of sweet peppers, all the way from outstanding bells for open field production, lamuyos, cubanelles, snacking and specialty types, to indoor bells. We also have a comprehensive range of hot peppers types; including cayenne, poblano, jalapeno, and anaheim, just to mention a few.

Bryan Zingel, Senior Product Development Manager for peppers says, “From a development perspective, emphasis is placed on features and benefits for the complete customer chain, from growers to the final customer.” Sakata’s R & D teams work on key traits like fruit flavor, texture, eating quality, color and shelf life, among others.

There is also a great amount of focus on improving important traits for the growers such as adaptability, marketable yield potential, labor friendliness, drying qualities, improved disease resistances…one of the primary goals of the Sakata pepper program is to provide you with improved bottom line and satisfied returning customers.

The West’s Best Bells

“Our tried-and-true performers Classic and Double Up provide growers with dependability in delivering quality yields,” declares Senior Protected Culture Manager, Kimberly Kuden. “Growers can rely on Classic for that classy smooth, greenhouse quality fruit with thick walls and wide adaptability.” Plus, Classic offers high resistance to TMV: 0 and Xcv: 0-3, 7, 8.  But don’t forget Double Up – it provides growers with mid-early maturity, consistently high yield and has high resistance to TMV: 0 and Xcv: 0-3, 5, 7, 8. Seed of both products is available for immediate delivery and Sakata can respond quickly to spot orders for growers. Contact your CSR

New Bells for the East

After many years of intensive and rigorous development, the Sakata team is proud to introduce three exciting new bell peppers—Blitz, Gridiron and Touchdown—specifically developed and adapted for regions and slots on the East Coast.

Blitz is an early maturing, widely adapted blocky bell with heavy first cropping potential providing growers the opportunity for earlier returns. The extra-large and jumbo fruit are of good general quality and have thick walls.

Gridiron is also early maturing and has high yield potential of extra-large and jumbo fruit with a darker green color than Blitz. Both have high resistance to TMV: 0, and Xcv: 0-5, 7-9 and intermediate resistance to TEV.

For growers looking for high yields of large and extra-large fruit, Touchdown is a good option. The plants are robust and prolific, with good cover, and also have high resistance to TMV: 0 and Xcv: 0-5, 7-9. Kimberly adds, “The main feature of Touchdown is that it maintains its shape and extra-large size. The fruit is blocky, four lobed, with nice shoulders, and the fruit comes off of the plant very easily. Touchdown also has a very outstanding extended harvest potential.”

Meet Kimberly Kuden

We are pleased to have Kimberly Kuden join the Sakata team as Senior Protected Culture Manager and Western NAFTA Product Development Manager for pepper and tomatoes. She’s happy to help with any questions you may have.